Application area

Application area
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Technology field of application

  • Alternative to hydraulic fracturing. Applicable for wells with a close location of OWC/ GOC, where hydraulic fracturing is risky. Directional radial drilling of the channels will minimize the risks of a breakthrough into water-oil zone / gas cap;
  • Involvement in the development of overlying formation. Drilling a network of radial channels in multizone reservoir with a high compartmentalization in order to involve several separated layers in the development.
  • Combination with technologies of squeeze job on wells. Applicable for wells with behind casing flow. After conducting an aggressive squeeze job to isolate the behind casing flow — drilling channels along a predetermined path to recovery of communication with the reservoir and minimize the risk of a further breakthrough of the behind casing flow;
  • Combination with hydraulic fracturing. Drilling of channels will provide stress removal, which allows:

    1. To conduct hydraulic fracturing in deposits with high rock stress;

    2. Focus the direction of the hydraulic fracture;

  • High-viscosity oils. Injection of oxidizing agents or other reagents into the drilled channels to stimulation of production;
  • Injection wells. Channel drilling to increase injection capacity