Team MODX Revolution ENG

Our team has many years of experience in developing new equipment for the construction of oil and gas wells, providing high-quality service and solving complex engineering problems.

Lyagov Ilya Alexandrovich MODX Revolution ENG
Lyagov Ilya Alexandrovich
Chief executive officer, Ph.D. in Engineering Science
Galas Ilya Rostislavovich MODX Revolution ENG
Galas Ilya Rostislavovich
Business development officer
Trapeznikov Vyacheslav Valerevich MODX Revolution ENG
Trapeznikov Vyacheslav Valerevich
Coordinator of field work
Bashirov Ayrat Ildarovich MODX Revolution ENG
Bashirov Ayrat Ildarovich
Business development manager
Lyagov Alexander Vasilievich MODX Revolution ENG
Lyagov Alexander Vasilievich
R&D Director, D. in Engineering Science
Ponomarenko Alexander Vladimirovich MODX Revolution ENG
Ponomarenko Alexander Vladimirovich
Chief Engineer
Sobolev Dmitry Gennadievich MODX Revolution ENG
Sobolev Dmitry Gennadievich
Technical director
Afanasyev Alexander Valerievich MODX Revolution ENG
Afanasyev Alexander Valerievich
Technical development manager
Chezlov Andrey Alexandrovich  MODX Revolution ENG
Chezlov Andrey Alexandrovich
Drilling fluid manager